Tose Proeski
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Born in Krusevo, Macedonia on January 25, 1981.
Started to go in the elementary school "Nikola Karev" in Krusevo.
Participated in  children's festival "Zlatno Slavejce" with the song "Jas i Dedo mi" in Vlahs language.
Finished elementary school.

Participated in the teenage festival "Melfest."

Started in the Musical Highschool in Bitola, which will probably have his name in the nearest future.
Participated in "Makfest" with the song "Pusti Me" or in english "Let me go". This led to his rise of fame.
Released first debut album "Negde vo nokta" or "Somewhere in the night", which included 11 tracks. That summer he performed in his first solo concert in Skopje.
Finished Music High school.

He sang the song "Solzi Pravat Zlaten Prsten" ("Golden Ring made of Tears") in the Eurovision pre-selection. He won over the televoters, but ended up third because of the judges.

In June of that year he promoted his new album "Sinot Bozji" ("The Son of God") from which many new great hits came out of such as: "Nemir" ("Restless") (a duet with Karolina Goceva), "Vo Kosi da ti Spijam" ("Sleeping in Your Hair"), "Izlazi me Uste Ednas" ("Lie to Me One More Time"), "Iluzija" ("Illusion"), and "Tajno Moja" ("Secret of mine").

In 2000 Tose was among the contestants who competed in the song contest within Slavyanski Bazar in Vitebsk International Festival of Arts (Vitebsk, Belarus). Tose won the Grand Prix.

He got an Oscar of Popularity in former Yugoslav republics for the year 2000.
Tose went on tour with other Macedonian singers in Australia.
He released his album "Ako me poglednes vo oci" ("If you look into my eyes") in both Macedonian and Serbian.
In April he won "Beovizija" in Belgrade with the song "Cija Si" ("To whom do you belong?"). The song became an instant hit throughout Macedonia and other former republics.

Tose was awarded the Mother Theresa Humanitarian Award and also that year he became Regional UNICEF Ambassador.
He was chosen to represent Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul, Turkey that February. He sang the song "Life" which in Macedonia was known as "Angel Si Ti." During the finals of the Eurovision song contest in May he finished 14th.

In the same year he was named a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and recorded the song "Za Ovoj Svet" ("This World") which became the UNICEF anthem.
Tose released his fifth album "Po Tebe" ("After You") which became the most successful Balkan album. The album topped charts in Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina for months.
Tose's album "Bozilak" ("Rainbow"), which was a compilation of 14 traditional Macedonian songs, came out.
His last album "Igri Bez Granici" in Macedonian and "Igra Bez Granica" in Serbian ("Games without Frontiers") came out in August throughout all ex-Yugoslavian countries.

A Slovenian album that came out the same year was "Moja" ("Mine")

On October 5th he had his last concert in the Skopje Stadium. It is said that there were more than 30,000 people attending it.

The night before he died he had his final interview on "Vrteleska" with Vesna Petrusevska and Vasil Zafircev on the Macedonian channel Kanal 5.

Passed away on October 16, 2007 at the age of 26 in a tragic car accident near Nova Gradiska, Croatia.

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