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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Tose Proeski who was born in Macedonia on January 25, 1981 and was killed in a car crash on October 16, 2007 at the age of 26. We will remember him forever.

He was the best vocal in the history of all Balkan, with a voice of angel and charisma like no one else living in this world.
Tose was a student at final year of the Skopje Music Academy, at the solo singing department when he passed away.
He organized and performed at many concerts, in order to raise enough money to help the ones that needed it most.

The Parlaiment of the Republic of Macedonia decided to announce Tose Proeski as an honored citizen, because of everything he did for his country.
In december the Macedonian Post published a stamp in the memory of Tose Proeski, that is to be issued in 1 million copies.

Just before Christmas TV Vatican had a 15 minutes coverage about Tose. The coverage included facts about his life, what he had done, how he helped people in need, as well as the possibility of pronouncing him as a Saint.

It is pointless to talk about his greatness, because there aren't  words appropriate enough,  so please read the following message from Mr. Naid Dzananovic and it would all make sense:

           Na poslednjem tuzlanskom koncertu, Tose je mojoj supruzi Merimi koja je bolesnik od tumora mozga pjevao na moj mobitel "Zajdi, Zajdi" jer nije mogla doci na koncert...
On je pjevao a ja sam plakao..od tuge i srece...Stavio je osmijeh na lice moje supruge, na moje i nas mnogih to vece...
Nadao sam se da cu imati priliku da mu stisnem ruku i kazem:
"Hvala ti".....

Sada kazem:"Hvala ti"
I placem, i svi placemo..ujedinjeni u tuzi....

Neka ti je laka zemlja Makedonska Andjele
Spokoj vjecni dusi tvojoj

Porodici, duboka sucut..

S postovanjem i tugom,
Naid Dzananovic, Tuzla

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Tributes and Condolences
Su musica llega lejos   / Betsi Vargas (Admirador)
Escribo desde Venezuela America. Por estas tierras también admiramos a Tose no solo por su voz prodijiosa sino por la calidad humana que lo caracterizaba su música ha llegado lejos de su tierra natal y más allá porque ha p...  Continue >>
  / Nives B. Zagreb (admirerer)
"Želim Ti reći al nemam kad
Jer Ti si brži od svjetlosti sad
Tamo gdje nebo ljubi zemlju
tamo ja ću Tebe uvijek čekati

Želim Ti reći, a ne znam što
Ko djete zbunjeno pred tobom stojim
al strašno ...  Continue >>
sReCan Ti RoDJenDan!   / Violeta Bogicevic (Fan...)
SRECAN TI RODJENDAN TOSE! Da nam se vratis opet, da nam pevas, da osetimo tvoju dobrotu, da te gledamo kako igras na koncertima sa tvojom poznatom energijom! Volim te Tose... Volimo te svi! Nikad te necemo zaboraviti i jedva cekamo da ti pozelimo dob...  Continue >>
Unforgettable  / Radica Krajinovic (fan)
However fast and rapid this pace of living may seem, however cruelly passes the time, however visibly pain-takers have been losing themselves in the storm of money-makers who, nothing but grind and mince the originality of beauty whatsoever and whoso...  Continue >>
God Bless Tose   / Tina~Mom To Angel Michael Grayson (Connected by Angels )
Nikad te zaboravit neću  / Ines Štebih     Read >>
LETAJ PTICO  / Zlatko Dimkoski (fan)    Read >>
NAJISKRENIJE... ZA PORODICU PROESKI  / Delila Suljic (Fan)    Read >>
ANGELU-From Toronto  / Sandra Jankovska-Andrikakis (Fan)    Read >>
Тоше, вечно ќе живеш во нас...  / Vesna T. (fan)    Read >>
Zlato moe odamna cekam da pristignes ti....  / Tatjana Cuk (FUN)    Read >>
GO MOLAM NEBOTO DA MI TE VRATI  / Elena Gorgievska (TE SAKAM! )    Read >>
When TOse get back...!!!  / Whiteriver... Ks (ask him?! )    Read >>
I wonder what you do?  / Whiteriver !!! (His 'mala selanka'!!! )    Read >>
we all miss you Tose  / Natalia Andrijuk (Fan)    Read >>
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His legacy
Awards and Recognitions  
This list probably does not include all the awards and recognitions he won, since they can not be counted exactly (there are too many). Therefore please contact me if you know of any that are not contained in the list.

2002 AWARDS:

-Zlatna Buba Mara - singer of the year 2002, concert of the year 2002;

-12 Velicestveni - singer of the year 2002, concert of the year 2002, music video of the year 2002, award from the audience (SMS voting);

-Lice na godinata "Vecer" - singer of the year 2002;

-13-ka za Najdobrite - most popular singer in 2002, hit of the year 2002, best album of the year 2002;

2003 AWARDS:

-Banja Luka 2003 Festival (Republika Srpska) - second prize of the jury;

-Beovizija (Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro) - first prize of the jury, first prize of the audience;

-Victor & Victoria (Novi Sad, Serbia & Montenegro) - most popular singer from Macedonia;

-Oskar Popularnosti 2003 - Banja Luka - most popular pop-singer in Republika Srpska in the year 2002;

-Vrsac 2003 - most successful singer from the ex-YU republics in the year 2002.

2004 AWARDS:

-15 January 2004- “Cija si”- awarded as the best song of the year 2003

- 22 January 2004 – he won the oscar for the most popular performer on the Balkans

- 12 March 2004- he won the singer of the year award at “12 Velicenstveni”

- February 2004- he won the singer of the year award at “ Zlatna Buba Mara”

2005 AWARDS:

3 December – best selling album in Serbia and Monte Negro/ best singer of the year (Award from National TV RTS)

2006 AWARDS:

2006 January – best singer from ‘’ Vardar to Triglav’’ ( Ex Yugoslavia) Award from Palma TV – Belgrade

2006 February- best singer and best video clip award at “ Zlatna Buba Mara”

2007 AWARDS:

First place on the Croatian Radio Festival (Hrvatski Radiski Festival)
with the song "Vezi me za sebe". He was the only non-croatian that ever won that prize.


In 2003 he was awarded Mother Theresa humanitarian award

In 2004 he became a National UNICEF Ambassador
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